Winsome Yarns

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Research and Development

Speciality Fiber Blends:
Cotton/Wool, Cotton/Nylon, Cotton/Silk, Cotton Plus/cotton, Bamboo Charcoal/cotton, Bamboo/Cotton/Nylon, Modal/Cotton/Wool.

Special Effect Yarn:
Multi-coloured neppy yarn, Tri-coloured melange, Jaspe Melange, Linen Look, Snow Heather, Radiance Yarn, Citra Yarn.

Green and Bio-degradable:
Bamboo and Bamboo/Cotton, Modal and Modal/Cotton, Excel and Excel/Cotton, Viscose and Viscose/Cotton, BCI Cotton, Modal/Bamboo/Cotton.

WYL Feelfab Yarn:
Specially designed for 100% Viscose yarn with low pilling resistance, better feel, lusture, evenness, strength and less hairy yarn suitable for high-speed weaving and knitting machines.